Meet Our Executive Team

Lewis Frees, PhD
Lewis Frees, PhDPresident
Lew has more than 30 years’ experience guiding transformational change. He is an experienced, trainer, facilitator, process consultant and coach. He has worked with all levels of organizations from members of governing boards to front line employees. He guides a team of consultants and coaches that can scale to address the challenges of companies and organizations that range from Fortune 100 companies to small family businesses.
Because today’s workplace is more complex, including shifting roles and responsibilities and a continuously changing environment, the focus of his work is to leverage this natural leadership throughout organizations. He provides training in the best practices of natural leadership and certification training for internal coaches in natural leadership. This is often combined with a tailored 360 degree feedback survey, team facilitation, and process consultation. In addition to his experience in government agencies, his work has ranged from Fortune 500 companies such as Gillette, P&G, Unilever, Frigidaire and Best Foods, to health care, architecture/engineering/planning firms, transportation agencies and technology companies. He has helped scores of organizations, teams, agencies and partnerships of all sizes resolve differences. Lew with his wife Ann provides certification training for internal coaches in natural leadership. He also provides training in the best practices of natural leadership, which is often combined with a tailored 360 degree feedback survey, team facilitation and process consultation
Lew’s most recent work is based on his forthcoming book: Align: Leading from the Inside out in which he describes a multidimensional change process for moving organizations from good enough to inspired, by leveraging the natural leadership that exists throughout the organization.
Dr. Frees has a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Case Western Reserve University, and a
BA, in Social Studies and Psychology Degree from Otterbein College.

Ann Frees
Ann FreesVice-President
Ann is Co-Founder of Harmony Inc. and has more than 30 years’ experience providing guidance and expertise to organizations as they anticipate and plan for the future and focus on and achieve what is most important to them. Her work in the field of Organizational Development has been devoted to triggering people’s best instincts and inspiring and empowering individuals, teams and organizations.

Her expertise is focused on executive, management and employee coaching, training and consultation to enhance employee engagement and performance. She provides shadow consulting and coaching to seasoned coaches and consultants and certification training in Natural Leadership for internal and external coaches.

Ann’s specialties include training and coaching to achieve inspired conversations, thinking in new ways, using social networks to foster change, building social capital, using the Harmony model to resolve conflict and inspire natural leaders to foster change from the inside out. Ann has consulted to and coached CEO’s, managers and all other levels of employees in a wide variety of organizations in both federal and state governments, not for profit and private industry ranging in size from Fortune 100 companies to small family owned businesses. She has helped companies enhance customer/supplier relationships, prepare individuals, teams and organizations to manage change, build their relationships and produce the results they care about most.

Ann has worked with clients as they deal with leadership challenges, managed difficult employees, designed and implemented strategy, managed change in a changing environment, managed accountability, built high performance teams, fostered mastery of communication/listening skills, aligned their vision and values and generated new possibilities for action.

Mrs. Frees is called on regularly as a motivational speaker and to present workshops and seminars focused on creating high performance teams, using shared vision to manage change, and aligning values to foster success.