Harmony’s Area of Expertise

We help you to instinctively make choices that enable you to see opportunities that others miss. Others call it luck … you know that you will be creating your own desired future. Inspired companies use marketplace challenges as an opportunity to innovatively gain new position.

Harmony’s Other Services

Harmony’s approach allows you to capture once lost opportunity and eliminate waste. Working with Harmony is a serious, substantial commitment. Most worthwhile endeavors are. Harmony’s employee engagement programs reflect an approach that is comprehensive, total and systemic.

We Trigger Your Best Instincts

Why Choose Us

  • We create a relationship that in itself achieves the margin of difference.
  • We view ourselves as an extension of your social network.
  • We bring a profound understanding of how to help you and the people in your organization shift the way they think.
  • By our very presence, we bring infectious positive triggers that shift the quality of your collective intelligence.
  • We seek to be what we teach.
  • We calibrate all of our performance coaching so that they are attuned to your unique organizational needs.

What Clients Say

“I have experienced firsthand the effectiveness of the Harmony approach to managing change. As the Director of Leadership Development, I witnessed firsthand a dramatic change in a major division from a closed, compliant, change adverse organization to one that had an open culture, fully engaged, that embraced change and achieved spectacular results. Harmony made this difference.”
Jack Mastrianni, Former Director of Leadership Development, The Gillette Company